Will not Boot Pleas Help

When booting the windows screen comes up, freezes, flashes a blue screen too quick to see and then reboots

This started when I changed my mother board to this new Asus. I pulled an OS hard drive from another computer and it boots fine. The other operating system also shows and gives me access to the non booting harddrive.

When booting from the non booting hard drive I can go to System Recovery Options which gives me: Startup Repair(does nothing), System Restore(doesn't finish gives Red X), System image Recovery(I have no image), Windows Memory Diagnostic(Mem is fine), Command Prompt(gives me full access to non booting HDD).

I have too many programs on HDD to lose. Problem seems to be a setting on the drive in windows. I don't have a clue how to fix. Please help. I also have original W7 disk but it will not repair, it just wants to go to advance and wipe everything clean.

Thanks, Kevin

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Windows 7 Home Premium
Seagate HDD
ASUS motherboard P6X58D-e
ATI-HD4800 Video Card

When you changed your motherboard to the Asus, did you be sure to verify drivers?

Did the chipset change from the old to the new motherboard? Such as going from a P55 to a X58 chipset? That will have an effect.

Have you tried doing a Startup Repair from the install disk?

The chip set drivers are working. The HDD with OS from another computer worked just fine(came out of an AMD Computer and this is i7). Everything seems to be coming from some HDD setting or controller software setting on the non working HDD.

I did try from install disk and nothing. The only way the install disk will help (from what I can tell) is go to advance and wipe out the drive.


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