will not detect my mic?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Mcphailb, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Apr 11, 2009
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    I have a feeling that windows is not picking up when i have a mic plugged in. It detects both my ports existing(front and back) and yet when i plug it in, it is as if nothing happens

    i ahve tried several mics so it is not that and the motherboard is brand new

    it has worked at one point but it seems to be sporadic at first but now it will not work at all.
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    Mar 17, 2009
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    Does anyone here know about your Motherboard or any or all the Mics you have tried and failed?:)
    Does any one know what type of Windows you have?

    Providing such information that you readily have or can get easily is by far the best way to get people interested in your problem and offer fast and logical troubleshoot steps.

    Since Mic is a sound input device you are using in your computer to record and /or transmit as files across to a distant site on to a speaker or save in a medium, it must be functional in capturing and sending the sound waves to a device called Sound Card that convets these into different electronic signals ( analog or Digital ) and this whole process is coordinated and controlled by the Operating sysytem using a software called driver that is Specfic for that particular OS. Althought it may sound ( no pun intended) very simple, Sound troubleshoot is really very complex and information regarding all these various components of sound delivery , recording and transmission and receiving chain must be available to the troubleshooter.

    The quick and dirty answer for your problem might be something like "you don't have the right sound card driver". But then at the end of all that it may turn out to be much more complex or a very simple thing that was overlooked!!!!
    Therefore tell us more about your sick computer and I am sure there are a lot of capable people here who volunteer to help you.:)

    Please post the following :

    1. The Make and Model of the Motherboard
    2. Make and Model of Sound card if it is an Add-on card
    3. Operating system name Bit and Build or Version?
    4. Is that a New installation?
    5. Brand name of Headset or Stand alone Mic used
    6. Are there speakers in this PC > details
    7. Was mic working before in this PC using another OS? What OS? Does the tested MIC work in another System?
    8. Has anybody worked inside the PC ( hardware troubleshoot)before problem began

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