Will the UK price(£64.99) stay till christmas?

Sorry if this is the wrong place, or if someone has asked this before, i only found these forums 5 minutes ago.

Anyway, the current price of Home version is £64.99 on Amazon UK, I was hoping if someone could confirm that the price will be the same at Christmas?
I've heard that price will raise at January 2010, is this also true?

That link is broken. But i know where the FAQ's are so I'l check them again
EDIT:Nope that doesn't say anything

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More than likely the prices will change before christmas

There seems to be quite a large variance in prices for Windows 7 already:

Amazon is £64.99 for full version of home premium,


PC World: £69.99 for upgrade, and £149.99 for full version of the same edition


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I would of thought that the £64.99 is the 'pre-release' price and once it's released it will go back up to it's usual £149.99..

This explains it a little better: Microsoft sets UK prices for Windows 7 - ZDNet.co.uk

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