Windows 7 Will there be decrease in Net Speed in Windows 7


Mar 12, 2009
Hey fellows I have one DSl connection in home. Me and my bro computer but I want to share the internet connection. my bro plays Call of Duty and other multiplayer games but i download big files. I want to know that if by sharing the connection through wired ethernet , will there be decrease in perfomance on either of computers. (especially will the ping on other computer will drop). :confused:
hi there,

Yes and No!

Yes, there will be a increase in your Bro's PING time if you are downloading on the same connection, but No, it's not specific to Windows 7. W7 would act the same as if your PC was running XP etc

How bad the ping will be affected depends on many things, mainly your upload speed. The faster you download the higher your upload will be, if you use torrents he will NOT want to play ;)

Basically try it, it wont be any worse than other OS's
kingskin is right, give it a go, you shouldnt have any problems with your hardware. My advice though, do a clean install rather than the upgrade. Its a pain in the ass but its worth it. Make sure you back everything up and dont forget your Firefox profile like I did.:D
Fellows is there any way that I get strictly half speed of 1 MB Whil other for other computer. So that my download don't interupt the other computer ping. Link Removed due to 404 Error
not that I know of, no.

A good Internet Security Appliance like a Sonicwall, a watchguard, or even a smoothwall pc/ipcop/untangle type of Router provides traffic shaping settings where you can prioritise traffic for certain protocols or IP addresses but I've never found one which works quick enough to make gaming and downloading any better on a ADSL/Cable type connection whilst a download is hammering it.

Just keep your downloads trimmed down by using any good download manager and thats the best you can hope for without serious expense.
It comes down to you router, maybe a slightly more expensive one will be able to help with control flow. which is more likely to affect the gaming rather than the download. I know they have Router which give prioity to VOIP. As long as you have the bandwidth to handle both of you on there it should be fine. Download managers can limit your speed at specified time, such as Azus or Bitcomet. Also your ISP will play a big part
Most torrent clients and 3rd party download managers have the option to restrict the download speed. This will help smooth out the ping while gaming.
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