Windows 7 Will This Graphics Card Work?

If the video card works on 64bit it will work on Win7 Lol providing 7 even gives us the 64 bit RC to test it.
Well I haven't used it yet because I'm building a computer and I'm goiong to have windows 7 as the main os and before I buy the car I wanted to make sure it was compatible.
Just about every graphics card you can buy new from online retailers will run Windows Vista and Windows 7. Not all cards are going to run Aero, but they will all run when it comes to hardware. Software is the key. Do some research about your intended card purchase to see if there are Beta graphics card drivers for your model or series. For the 9600 series, I think Nvidia has drivers just for 7. If not, I'm more than fairly confident that Windows Vista x64 drivers will work and enable the capabilities of the card.
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