Win 2k3 r1 to Win 7 networking one way only


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I have a basic networking problem that I don’t really understand as I don’t know much about win 7.
I have recently re-built a win2k3 R1 server and can’t connect to a win7 ultimate desktop anymore when I could previously. I can connect from win 7 to the server and see shared directories but not the other way round. On the server I can see the win 7 machine but not connect to it. I can ping in either direction. I have also tried it with both firewalls de-activated.

The error I get on the sever when I try to connect is “Logon Failure: account currently disabled”
Presumably this is on the win 7 machine as it previously had an account set up. Where / How do I add (or edit the existing) account

Any help or links to tutorials welcome

Hi there,
Are both computers hooked up to the same workgroup?
I think you are seeing a problem similar to the problem some have with networking between XP and win 7 Machines.
If you dont know how to setup a workgroup, check this link out. It almost the same procedure on all versions of windows. :)
Join or create a workgroup
Please let me know if it works :)


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Make sure that when you are attempting to access the Win7 machine from the W2k3 machine that you include the Win7 machine name then a backslash then a known good username on the Win7 machine followed with that user's password into the credentials prompt. Like;

Thanks for the help - problem now solved

I checked the work group and that was ok so looked at the users on win 7 and the stored passwords on win2k3. Trouble’s solution above sorted it out - If anyone else has this problem this is what I did:
1/ On the win 7 box I added a new user with the permissions I wanted – checked it by logging in as that user
2/ On the win2k3 box I then added a stored password:
Server : Any name for the box your trying to connect to
User Name: Windows7MachineName\UserNameOnWindows7Machine
Password: PasswordForThatUserOnTheWindows7Machine

Confusion came in trying to add the Windows7machine name into the “Server “box and not as part of the user name.

Thanks for the help - I think I would have gone slowly nuts with out it

Thanks for the feedback :)

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