Win 64 Bit and Vista Mail


I tried everything (copy the Vista Files, change the registry, change the permission), but I cannot bring WinMail to run under Win 7! If I look into the task-manager, I will see several instances of WinMail * 32. LOTS of instances, but the program will not open as usual.

May the problem be, that my Vista is 32 bit and my Win 7 64 bit?

If you have any hint to me not availiable in the web (I searched it all!), please, please help me.
(no, I will not use Live Mail)

If you can do me a special favor: Can you send me the files of Vista 64 Bit by e-mail? I will post, if it changes something!

My e-mail is:
I can just receive attaches up to 4 MB.

Thanks in advance,

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