Win 7 64-bit drops Wifi and goes screwy!!!

Had a quick sears before posting couldn't really find anything the same as mine...

My girlfirends new PC has Windows 7 64-bit on it, now getting on the internet is a real headache! every time I click the network list at the bottom, and select the network I want, it will connect but if I make it show the the list of networks again it will loose the network.

when it does connect after a while it might drop off then trying to reconnect come up with "the settings do not match" I have to change them, then change back to get it to connect again but if I keep an eye on it while it connects it fails, bit like watching a kettle boil!

So far I've read just about every tip on the internet and cant find anything that might do the trick!

Windows 7 Home 64-bit
disabled the IPv6 setting
tried the wifi client that comes with the wifi card
tried changing the router settings

oh and it's WPA2 security

please help, she's at her wits end and is taking it out on me.


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Are you showing a good signal for the Wifi connection? Have you tried the troubleshooter?

Do you show several connections available that might be interferring? Maybe try changing the channel.

Is there a driver update for the Wifi Adapter?

What Wifi card and router is it?


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adjust the broadcast channel on the router, often interference is the cause and choosing different options between the 1-15 channels sorts it

If the troubleshooter does not work I recommend you plug your ethernet cable to your pc ethernet is always a little bit more stable than wifi

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