Win 7 64-bit: LanmanServer stuck in "Starting" state during startup


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As the title says, when I boot my machine, the LanmanServer service gets stuck during startup. While this is happening, the OS is basically dead, and any attempt to do anything that involves loading from the HDD will lock up until the service finally starts, which can take upwards of ten minutes.

This started around the time I set up a homegroup for all our PC's [all Win7-64 Home Premium], and mine seems to be the only one affected. But this was also the time SP1 came out, so I can't nail an exact cause-effect relationship, making this hard to debug...

After doing a LOT of searching, I modified the registry entry to ensure the LanmanServer service starts before the Spooler service [vista unresponsive at startup - lanmanserver - Vista Forums], but that had no effect.

Based on what I've seen via the Event Viewer, it looks like the LanmanServer service tries to start, times out, tries to start again, does this a few times, then finally starts up properly.

Can anyone help me track down why this is happening and stop it?


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Any chance you could tell us exactly what the Event Viewer error message was? Sometimes knowing an error number or some component involved might help.

But there is a LanmanServer (server)and a LanmanWorkstation (workstation) are both started automatically on my system. If you are in the Services panel, you can right click and see what each one depends on. Perhaps something else isn't starting.

It could also be because the system is not logging on correctly, so have you checked your IPconfig /all utility and see if the IP addresses look normal for your network.

Are you showing you have a Home Network and not Public?


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I'll take a look at the Event Viewer when I get home [at work now].

I know I set the Spooler service to load after both LanmanServer and LanmanWorkstation start, so I'm relativly sure thats not problem. And I recently did a check of all the "dependsOn" fields for LanmanServer, and didn't see any obvious conflicts anywhere [I went down 5 levels, with no conflicts]. But my suspicon is I do have a service startup conflict somewhere.

Yes, the server is a Home Server. I'm relativly sure thats not the issue, as I do show a network connection when the LanmanServer hang happens [though its hard to confirm due to the lockup]. The IP info is definatly correct.

Also, a SFC /SCANNOW came up clean, in case anyone was going to reccomend that step.

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