Win 7 64 bit RE - install and drivers for raid 0

Ok guys I'm stumped. I have been lurking around dozens of forums and have read until my head is gonna explode, I can't figure this out. I am sorry in advance that this is such an elaborate thread....

I added 2 identical WD 1/2 TB green drives to my rig, and I want to re install windows on that set in raid 0 for performance, and use my existing (and fully functional) hitachi 1TB drive as back up and data storage.

The drives are in, and being recognized in the bios, raid setup, and in windows 7 device manager. They have both been fully formatted and partitioned as simple drives.

I have a thumb drive with dozens of drivers on it, including sata raid controllers from INTEL, ASUS, and AMD. I have been sifting through tons of links online trying to find a set of drivers that the installation dvd will like. no go.

When i start the install, I get the message that i need to load missing drivers, I click browse, go to my thumb drive,... and find that 99% of the drivers on the thumb drive are hidden as they are recognized as being incompatible. The 3 or 4 that I can find always hang for a while as the installer tries to mount them, but then I get a strange message: "No new devices found, make sure the drivers are correct and they are located on the proper installation media" or something really close to that.

:confused: Could they possibly be any more vague with these error messages? If that means it doesn't see the array that's really strange, because for the record, when I am in the browse menu hunting through my thumb drive, the C:\ drive is in the list of attached devices. (during the attempt to re-install windows, I disconnect the SATA cable from the back of the hitachi drive to protect the data, and the installer seems to see both WD drives as the default C:\ )

Question 1. Working from my original single hitachi drive, should I stripe the two newly formatted WD drives together in the windows device manager before I attempt the re-install? (My initial thought was that this would be useless, because when the hitachi gets disconnected any thing I do on the current windows platform would be lost anyway as i am re-installing the os on 2 new drives like it was a new computer)

Question 2. Just so I am sure what it means, could somebody break down that error message for me?

Question 3. Anybody know where i can get an all inclusive pack of raid drivers for windows 7 64?

Question 4. Am i missing a step or anything else I need to know about?

My Gear:
PS: Corsair 850 watt
MOBO: Asus P6td Deluxe
CPU: Intel I7 960 @ 3.2
RAM: 12 GB corsair dominator ddr3 @ 1600
GPU: Radeon 4890 1GB X 2 in crossfire
OS: Windows 7 64, home premium.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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