Win 7 64 networking. Tricky; very, very tricky

Win 7 networking appears to me to be way less friendly than WinXP networking. I have been networking multiple WinXP computers for years so I have some experience. While not a total noob, in all honesty I would not classify myself as "expert" by any means.

I recently converted my (3) desktop computers to Win 7 64. This was done to allow RAIDing hard disks. All machines are set to "Share". Network is set to "Work" type network and all computers are in the same workgroup (WORKGROUP). None of the computers require passwords. I do not have anti-virus software or 3rd party firewalls installed.

The only machine combination that works:
Copy files from Computer A to Computer B and pull files from Computer B to Computer A
Copy files from Computer C to Computer B and pull files from Computer B to Computer C

I can not copy or pull any other combinations, ie, copy from A to C, B to A, B to C, etc. When attempting to open any folders I get a can not connect see network administrator message.

Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.


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It is funny you should say that since my experience is that Win 7 is very network friendly.

If you have all computers in the same workgroup, you can usually see the other computers, unless you have security to interfere with that. If you set up Homegroups, it should be easy.


I have not used homegroups as this is (I believe) a Win 7 only setting and I do have other computers that will log into the network for time to time.

I can see all the other computers on the network but I am block a being able to get below seeing the root drive to connect to folders and files.




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You are correct "as this is (I believe) a Win 7 only setting "
But, like Saltgrass, I have not had any real problems with sharing through XP and other computers. Perhaps you can have another look at the sharing options you have selected on all computers? But, if it is indivdual files/folders, that you are trying, rather than the whole OS, you can, as a shortcut measure, copy them to the "public" folder. This makes them accessible.

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