Win 7 and major Sound Issues

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    Hey guys,
    Got too excited and went out and bought Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - fantastic. Problem is, I have no sound - my Asus Rampage Formula motherboard has no onboard sound as it comes with a seperate sound card (Asus Supreme FX2) which won't work and neither will the cheap Audigy standard one I bought today to try...

    7 automatically installs some drivers when it detects I have a sound card installed and sticks it in the Device Manager under 'System Devices' and calls it a 'High Definition Audio Controller'

    I found the new Win 7 drivers on the Creative and Asus sites and downloaded in the hope of installing and overwriting this 'Hi Def Audio Controller' but when i'm in setup I get the error message "Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system. Please ensure that your product is properly installed before running this Setup Program. Setup will exit" - on both the Creative and Asus setups which is completely baffling me as Win7 can detect and install this 'audio controller'. When I hover over the volume icon in the taskbar (which incidentally has a red cross over it) it says 'No audio output is installed"

    I'm probably going wrong somewhere, but I don't know if its Win7 or these "Windows 7" drivers don't actually work?

    Please can anyone help??!! :confused:

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