Win 7 apps aint working, and 400+ explorer processes

Ive got an issue on one of my windows 7 installs, a user some how has managed to mess up all the shortcuts (.ink) to all aplications (desktop, start menu, quicklaunch etc), so they all open with word, I had a fiddle and made .inks open with explorer.exe (In my infinite wisdom) and as a result I had about 400 - 600 explorer.exe processes running in the background for some reason (the rig is quite the beast but was about to crash under the load). Can any body tell me howto fix this/these issue(s) up. I have a ghost backup, but im unwilling to do this (time constraints ie college). Whats my best bet, registry alterations, system restore, ghost, or a simple tweak.?

I dont have access to the machine at the moment, (for another 12 hours)



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If you can, I'd just use system restore and get it back to a time you know when it was ok.


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If that fails to work and it was a recent instal, I would stat all over again with a 'clean" install.

Is this an official copy directly from Microsoft?

You'l spend twice as much time and frustration trying to fix this mixed up computer.

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