Win 7 Back-up Failure


The external harddrive that I have been doing back-ups to with the Win 7 back-up utility has failed and no longer functions. I want to back-up to a different drive but Win Back-up seems to be fixated on the old drive that no longer exists (I pulled the USB cord).

The "Mange space" link is greyed out and when I click on "Change Settings" I get notified that the operation failed due to an internal error (0x800800005 Server Execution Failed)

I've checked and the Windows Update service is running, so why did it "fail"?

Thanks for any help on this. If all else fails I will have to find a third party back-up solution I guess.

Win 7-64 Pro SP1
Intel i7-920



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I will usually list all possible backup options. Do you have another drive to backup to? You cannot use the same drive the OS is on.

Yes, i have another internal drive (D:), formatted NTSF, with lots of space to back up my main C: drive, also formatted NTSF,...if only I could get Win Backup to let me point it to D:


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Not sure exactly what type of backup you are doing, but if you are incrementing a previous file backup, I can see happening what you show.

So, perhaps going through the steps will help clean things up. You start by going to All Programs-Maintenance and Backup and restore?

Then "Create a system Image" or "Set up Backup"?

What are your remaining steps, or what is the title of the Window giving you problems? There is a refresh button on the Set up Backup window.

First I want to say how much I appreciate the time you are taking to help me with this.
Before I recieved your last reply I downloaded and installed the trial version of the newest Acronis back-up app to try out. It was of little use because 3 hours into a full back-up of my C: drive it informed me that the destination drive was full. This, when it had informed me at the start that the source file was 296Gb and the destination drive had 524Gb free! Not impressed with such nonsense.
So after I recieved your reply I tried to bring up Win Back-up & Restore as you instructed, but instead, up came Acronis again, almost like a virus!?
I have uninstalled Acronis and rebooted twice but now Win Back-up & Restore is completely unresponsive. All I get is a brief flicker of the cursor into an hour-glass then back to a pointer.
So, any help you can provide for this new problem would be equally appreciated, and I intend to drop a few choice words over in the Acronis forum regarding what their miserable piece of software did to my computer.


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I used Acronis in Vista. Several folks here use it instead of Windows Backup. If it is not behaving perhaps there is a special uninstall utility on the site you could use. I do seem to remember it added a device in Device Manager.

I suppose I will wait until you get this problem straightened out, perhaps someone else knows of an answer to your situation.

If all else fails, reinstall Acronis and try again. If both programs refuse to work, perhaps you have another problem. Maybe a picture of your disk management window using the snipping tool and attach using the paperclip.

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