Win 7 backup recover program


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I had posted this in Windows discussion General and saw where there were 160 views and no replies.
Is it protocol to post the question here? I am new here and do not wish to break rules but it seemed I was in the wrong place. Should I have contacted an admin for this?
Thank you

The question is;

Windows 7 has a backup recover program.
After you have ceated a system image to an external drive, there is, at the lower part of the page, a word "Restore"
Which words do you click here to make a recovery of the entire pc system that you created?
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You have to boot into the WinRE (Recovery) environment (boot to Recovery CD or Install DVD). There is an option there to restore a system image. As you can imagine, the drive being restored may be new so you have to start the image restore from outside of Windows.

You can get into the WinRE using the F8 key during boot also, but I have not tried a restore from there. Go to Repair Your Computer and select the Restore from image option.


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So I can set boot order to boot from dvd and then use the recovery disc to perform the required action.
I was looking at the windows screen and was wondering which words I was supposed to click on to perform the recovery. I don't know what made me think it is any different from other imaging programs.
I usually use Acronis and it works fine but I keep an image of Win 7 just in case.
Thank you very much for your prompt and instructive reply.

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