Win 7 Bluescreened in inital installation, unable reenter installation

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by GPSI, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Good morning dear Win7 Team!

    I am writing to you today with a problem I did not find in this (or similar form) in previous threads. The challange should however be a small one...

    Question (i assume): How do I enter the on-harddrive recovery?
    For the office we have new Acer Laptop of the model: Aspire 4752G.
    It comes with a pre-installed version of Win7 Home Basic. Delivery does not incude a Back-up Disk.

    Here is what happend:
    When running the Win7 setup (INITAL) everything went smoothly up to the famous point of 'Completing Installation'. There it gave me a quick Bluescreen that didn't allow me to see the nature of the problem and restarted. At the restart the installtion is not complete;the Bios is however trying to run the incomplete Win7.

    Now when the PC is started, Win tells me to insert the non-existent recovery disk or start normally (or in different safemods).
    All savemods eventually lead to the PC being stuck on the ACER startup screen, where it remains without any activity.

    How do I reenter the set-up of a on-hardrive recovery? (Just telling the system to boot from the harddrive does not do the trick)

    I am very thankfull for a link to a thread that solves this problem (which I didn't see) or an actual solution to the problem.

    kind regards
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    I am a little uncertain about exactly what is happening. If the laptop came with Windows 7 pre-installed, could it boot into Windows 7 at that point?

    You may want to do a factory restore, the procedure for which should be in your owner's manual, or online. But whatever key combination might be available, may be specific to that model. If you can use the F8 key during boot to get to the Repair your computer option, you could try a startup repair.

    If you have attached any devices, like external drives to the laptop, you may want to unplug them.

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