Win 7- boot failure (on SATA dvd)


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I cannot install Win 7 (pro, 64 bit).

After booting cd/dvd the following text appears: "disc boot failure, please insert system disc and press enter"

I have SATA dvd. I 've checked that when I plug ATA dvd there is no problem.

What shuld I do to instal Win 7 using my SATA dvd? Change some BIOS features?

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Did you check the bios to make sure you have the DVD drive to boot first? When you go from a PATA DVD to a SATA, it might be changing.


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Yes, I'm sure. Quick boot in on enabled, fist is on dvd, secon on hard drive.


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Finally I managed to instal Win 7.

I do not know how I did it. I changed sata cables couple times, pluged, unpluged them. And I'm finally a user of Win7:)


Hey i've had a similar problem

I'm running Windows XP Pro 32bit and I downloaded the .ISO of Windows 7 64bit from the Microsoft Student offer and burnt the ISO to a disc (and extracted the files from it and burnt a disc with them on it too) and when I put either of them in whilst my computer is running it says my operating system isn't compatible with that version (64 bit) which I expected, but when I reboot with the DVD (either of them) they don't boot and I don't even get asked "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD" it just boots up XP and i've checked my BIOS settings and quick boot is on and the boot order is my two DVD-RW drives, then USB devices, then my Hard Drives

My processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (which supports 64 bit) so that isn't the problem
I have 4GB of RAM so that can't be the problem
I havea 750GB and a 1TB hard drive so there can't be any hard drive space issues either

Anyone got any ideas?


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How did you burn the .iso. It must be burned as an image and not just a file.

Please go through and tell what utility you used to burn it and what steps you took.

I used Nero 9 and I went through these steps
Clicked Data Burning
Chose the DVD drive with the blank DVD in it
Gave the disc a name
Clicked Add and navigated to the ISO image
Then clicked burn

Is that wrong?

Got it sorted, was just how I burned the disc

Thanks anyways


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Glad you got it.

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