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I have wrecked my wifes' laptop, so you can guess just how much trouble I am in.
I turned the laptop off by holding the power on button depressed for as long as it took to power down. I have done this many times before. This time the laptop will not start windows after power up. Win 7 offers 2 options, normal or startup repair. Both appear to run but stay on permanently and neither will start windows. Tried booting using the repair disk and laptop will not boot from CD. CD spins initially but without booting. Only thing I can see that is not normal is that after several seconds trying to boot the Disk led remains permanently on, at least to my eyes. I have removed the battery, powered up without the battery,tried different repair CD all to no avail. Any clues anybody ??????? PLEASE

boot your system from pendrive use rmprepusb software for making usb window 7
u will easily troubleshoot your system problem.


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The flashdrive option is a good suggestion if you system cannot boot from a CD or DVD for some reason.

Why were you holding the power button down, would it not shutdown normally?

Where are you getting the Repair CDs? Are you burning them, do you have a retail Install DVD? Do you have some other type of bootable media you could try. Since booting to a CD is basically a bios function, if you are doing it correctly, it should boot unless the system is messed up otherwise.

I suppose you are also not able to use the F8 key to get to a repair menu. Sometimes when and how you hit the key are very important.

If it does allow you to boot into a repair scenario, you might try that several times. I have not actually seen it work, but using Startup Repair from the Fix Your Computer options, does usually take 3 attempts.


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Thankyou both, Nagender Singh and Saltgrass. Problem is solved completely. My wife powered on this morning before I could hide her laptop. Amazingly the laptop booted and displayed a full screen, which I have never seen before, advising that windows had a problem and would try to fix it if not interrupted. After about 30 minutes windows started normally and has not faltered since. My confidence in win7 has been boosted but I wont power down that way again.
I will make a boot pendrive for insurance as you advise.
Again thanks for quick replies and thanke to the Forum for the access.

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