Win 7 BSOD possible hardware issue? (reoccuring issue with different error codes each time)

I have an issue with Win 7 going BSOD about 30 seconds after a boot, but the error code changes each time it happens. It did this before with 2 different installs of Windows Vista and now its doing it with 7. Could this be a hardware issue? Everything seems to be working fine as far as hardware goes. I read somewhere about someone with a similar issue and he said he fixed it by rollingback his videocard drivers. I tried that with some success.. When i booted in safemode(safemode hasnt gone BSOD on me)and rolledback my videocard drivers it booted up regualary without going BSOD for the ONE boot.. then after that just BSOD again.. Then i went back into safe mode to update drivers and it let me boot ONE time then bsod every other boot. So here i am.. clueless on what to do with it because i have no error code to google because its constantly changing, one minute it will be system memory dump then it will be something else right after.. Is this a hardware problem? But mainly, how can i address and fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: just wanted to add, i have no active running antivirus so that cant be whats causing my issue.


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Please post a screen shot of CPU-Z spd tab. It's in the same program you made the screen shot above.

I didn't look at your crash dump yet, but your memory is set extremely wrong.

New upload complete, And what do you mean by my memory is set wrong? how do i fix this?

Go into the bios settings and Load Optimized Defaults. Save.

Post a new memory tab screen shot.

If that is not in the bios, look for anything saying Load Defaults....

When done, use this in safe mode to clear all Creative drivers: | Driver Sweeper | Products | Products

Reboot and go to Creative's site to install the new driver package.


Update this driver from Intel's website for the ethernet (Pro 100):

e100b325 e100b325.sys Fri Nov 16 13:53:32 2007


Update your Broadcom modem drivers from the manufacturer's site:

BCMSM BCMSM.sys Wed Aug 27 23:05:02 2003

Im unable to find in my bios the load defaults or similar item. Any ideas? Would it be in my boot menu or setup menu?

You'll want to set the frequency in use manually then. It should be 200 MHz. You might have to trial and error with FSB:DRAM ratio to make it happen, or there might be an exact setting for it instead.

Also, check your CPU-Z spd tab and set the timings manually exactly as it shows.

When back to Windows, check the memory tab to see how you did.

Alright i found a way to reset the bios setup defaults and did it, but it doesnt appear to have changed the memory tab in any way? or am i missing something?

See my previous posts.

I have and im struggling to figure out how to change the frequency of it in the BIOS as i have a Dell which apparently is the complete opposite of every other major bios.

Yup, that kinda sucks.

Start with the software issues above then.

For the last 2 days i have had no BSoD issues whatsoever, booting the computer several times each day. All i have done was reset the bios as you said and i have had no issues so far, i found by some research that I am running a super outdated version of the bios so if i have anymore issues ill try the other things you listed for drivers and also update my bios. As long as its working now ill leave it be. Thanks for the help

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