win 7 can't detect my SB Audigy sound card


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Hi all,

I just installed the Windows 7 OS on my PC. As everyone told me, it detected all the hardware and downloaded and updated all the drivers.

Everything works fine exept the sound card. I have a SB Audigy SC and a 7.1 speakers but I cant use all of them- only the front speakers are working.

So I tryied to install the software I have from the disk but every time it comes to the stage installing windows drivers I get to a blue screen with smthng like 0.0000131 error. So I unchecked the installation of those drivers and installed the rest components. Now I have all the saftware but only the media player is working and still only the front speakers are "speaking":) again. So I tryied to enter the speaker settings but I get the message "the audio devise supported by this application was not detected" I guess that means that windows 7 cant detect it. I tryied to install many updates for win 7 or vista but after trying to instal any driver or update I gat a similar message.

What is strange is that when I go to the device manager there I can see it recognised as SB 7 detects it but I still get those "cant detect" messages every time I start any plugin like EAX or simply the speaker settings.

So pls can any1 tell me how can I fix this problem??

BIG thanx in advance!



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ok so I installed the latest latest drivers... no blue scr no errors, but the settings still dont workit still says unable to detect the neccesary hardware". I ran the windows 7 speaker settings testing and there all the speakers work propperly, but when I when I play the media source 5 player only the front speakers work..huh... :((


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Hi Doko,
Drivers for the Audigy card can be found here:
I know you said you had installed them but i thought I'd post them just in case...
Another setting which is quite important is the speaker set up found in your sound properties (see attached screen shot)
If this is not set correctly, depending on your individual set-up, then some speakers will fail to produce a sound.

As for EAX and the like you need to use the Alchemy utility(found in the above download page) to be able to utilise this function. Even then it doesn't work anything like it did in XP. Creative have stated that these products will have reduced funtionality under vista and 7 and are trying to rectify the driver situation......Don't hold your breath!
Any problems post back..

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