Win 7, Can't get internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping that someone can help me, I've looked everywhere for a fix and can't get connected to the internet!
I have installed a fresh copy of Win 7 x64 (6.1.7600) on a formatted hard drive. That's it!! nothing else.
I can connect to my network, says i'm connected.
can ping my router and google ( get between 25 and 75% loss)
sometimes I can get a page up (very very rare!)
Have managed to download google chrome and this doesn't work either!!
I have 2 other pc's in the house that work fine (laptop running win 7 and a desktop running vista)

I have updated the drivers for my NIC
I have reset WINSOCK
I have updated my MOBO drivers
I have updated firmware on my router
I have turned off windows firewall
I have turned off defender
I have turned off every internet security setting i could find
I have renewed and tried a cable from another working PC
I have kicked it (that didn't work but made me feel better!!)
I'm now stuck and desperately need some help with this :(

My set up is :-
ABIT AB9 quadGT (AB9QGUC1002645 v 1.00) MOBO
On board Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller, Driver version 7.11.1127.2009
Netgear DG834G v5

I think that should be all you need to know?

Also I have a list of ipconfig /all and some pinging!!

Many many thanks in advance to any help,


Hi Robin,

First, when the network connection type window popped up, and asked you if it was a Home, Public, or Work network, what one did you choose? I would choose Home.

Two, try disabling everything under your network adapter's settings, other than the following which are required:

Client for Microsoft Networks
File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks
Internet Protocal Version 4 (IPv4)

The rest you should be able to uncheck (Don't uninstall, just uncheck the others).

Try your network again. You might want to reboot just to be sure.

Hope this at least helps narrow something down.


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not sure if you have already tried this but I would :

unninstall any antivirus you have
turn off your router
use ipconfig /release in cmd window
use ipconfig /release6 in cmd window
delete all connections in your network connections list
use ipconfig /flushdns in cmd window
turn on your router
use ipconfig /registerdns in cmd window
then ipconfig /renew in cmd window
then ipconfig /renew6 in cmd window

I tried unticking the boxes, did a reboot and it didn't work. I'm connected to "home" in the network place.
I've done bits of what you said ickymay, I'll try it in that order and see if i get anywhere.
Wish me luck!!:confused:

I've tried all the ipconfig comands and i'm getting a few errors back! I have only a limited knowledge of this so I'm not sure if these are problems or not!

any advice?


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just run a release and renew then post what ipconfig /all say's now ?

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Here are the files


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definately something wrong with your DNS which is your route to the outside of your router, on your "Windows IP Configuration" there should be an entry for your "DNS Suffix search list" and listed at the top of your router ip config there should be an entry for your "Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :" ?

in network and sharing centre what network are you part of ?

it just says "Home Network", if I click on it i can see my other devices?

ok let's try manually setting your DNS servers to google .......
goto network and sharing centre and change adapter settings right click your adapter goto properties and select TCP/IP v4 click properties and select the radio button at the bottom for "use the following DNS server addresses" , then for prefered DNS server enter and alternate DNS server enter as per my pic
View attachment 4569

I'm now recieving bytes (looking at my connection status) a bit better now and i've managed to get msn's home page up but i can't go any further. just times out or tells me that internet explorer cannor display web page! the bytes i'm recieving are about equal to what i'm sending!

looking at my network resource monitor, i'm recieving exactly the same amount of bytes as i'm sending! On my laptop i always get more than i send!

hmm lets try setting your network name , goto Control Panel> System find computer name, domain and workgroup settings and click change settings then select the change button and give your computer another name or add a 1 or similar then click ok and reeboot


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Also if you could let us see another ipconfig /all result, it looks, unless I'm reading it wrong, that IPv6 is still on, try unchecking it again. Also try setting your NIC from Auto Negotiate to 100 full and see if that makes any difference.

Ok, I've changed my PC name, no joy, I've disabled IPv6 again! (don't know why it restarted!!) and i've changed the speed to 100 full. I can still get msn homepage up (takes a while) but can't go any further. the bytes in local area connection on the recieve side go mad (moves in the 10s of thousands) for about 10 seconds when first opening explorer up and then just slow right down (moves in the 100s) here is my ipconfig /all.
I would like to say many thanks as well for your time and help on this problem, It is really appreciated.


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Everything looks good with the IP addressing scheme so, and I know that by now you've probably tried this a million times, but just once more if you don't mind. Assuming that you can do this now,
1.)Please turn off all the computers on your network.
2.)Then remove the power from your router
3.)Then your ISP provided device, if there one and the same, well you get the idea.
4.)Leave everything off for a minute or two
5.)Then bring up your ISP device and make sure everything is steady green or whatever
6.)Then bring up your router
7.)Then and this is the important one...only bring back up the problem PC, please do not restart any other computers right now.
Let us know if this makes any difference at all.

I am beginning to believe this is NIC drivers and an update or rollback might be the next thing to try :confused:

tried that a couple of time and no different!!!!

I am beginning to believe this is NIC drivers and an update or rollback might be the next thing to try :confused:
i've tried uninstalling the updated drivers and disable the driver, rebooted and let windows re install driver!! it made no difference!!


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#20 more thing. Would you please try to boot into safemode with networking on the problem machine, by tapping the f8 key as the machine boots and tell us if the problem persists.

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