Win 7 computer see/don't see win xp computers randomly

Hi all,

I run Win 7 64 bit on an i7 950 processor based machine with 6 GB RAM.
There are 3 more computers at my home which operate under win xp pro operating system.

When I open windows explorer on the win 7 computer I sometimes see the other computers (under network) and sometimes I don't. It changes randomly - I see them now, take a coffee break, when I come back I don't see them.

Really annoying when you depend on data which resides in one of the other computers (can't copy everything to the new one :mad:).

Any help on the matter?


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Yea WINXP is naff for sharing to newer OS's, personally i'd update all the other PCs in the home (like I did) to Win7 since its much better for networking...but thats just my view...or maybe look at "Hamachi" as a bypass to the issue since that is easy to setup a crossplatform VPN connection without the usual hassles of other VPN solutions.

Some sort of a solution

Things got even funnier: the fact that I don't see any icons for the other computers, under 'network', doesn't mean that the win 7 computer can't reach them! I added the other computer's addresses to the favorites and whenever they disappear from explorer I can reach them via the favorite connection.


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