Win 7 crash


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processor: intel 3.2 gb dual core
graphics:nvidia 8800gt
OS:win 7
Ok so i ofund this problem while watching a movie. Video had a feedback, sound was repeating the same thing over and over...this lasted for 5 seconds and after it went back to normal.I thought nothing serious had happened. Then boom, next day when i turned my PC on, packs of 6 vertical lines appeared on win boot screen, and the win logo stops flashing, and then the blue scrn of death appeares and says memory dump. So i checked the nvidia forums regarding this problem...and one of the solutions was to reinstall win.(P.S. i am using win 7 for 2 months now) So i reinstalled it. The only problem is that when the copying is finished and it restarts windows so it may install it a error appeares, after the restart, which says that win restarted unexpectedly, and it tells me to press ok to restart again, and the same thing appeares. So i checked for solutions regarding win problems and found none...thats when i decided to post here...if u can help please post a repply...oh not to forget, i also belive it may be a graphics card problem as i have read in the posts of other people, but i want to be shure before i buy any graphics and find out it was smth else that caused that...P.S. if u need any more info i can post pics

Hey there.


Copy the files from there to any other folder. Zip the files. Then attach the zip to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply.

We will fix this for ya.


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The only problem stopping me to copy them is that i cannot log into win...neither can i log using safe mode, and the only computer i am using is tha laptop...and my HD is like a laptop' i don't have any cables to put another HD to be my master and my current to be the slave so i could copy the files...twisted i know...although i was asking which do you think is responsible for it the OS or any of the hardware

Very much doubt it's a hardware issue. Very likely an old driver is corrupting the memory.

What is preventing you from logging into safe mode + networking?


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ok ok i figured it out...also i asked my bro for some info...nvidia released an graphic card update which made my graphic card go highwire...also, i changed the bios of the graphics card, forgot to mention that, because the factory bios was overclocking it almost to the limit...not such a good idea, anyway...i formatted the HD, the whole thing, also deleted the partitions, remade them (in win install screen ofc)and installed i have read on other forums win 7 has a memory limiter, which is 4 gb so i had to clock the processor and take out some ram to get to the required blue lines no memory dump screen just normal fresh win installed...will post if any problems reapear...ty 4 the support :)


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'twas actually a new driver if u can belive more stopped while loading drivers...i do not remember which driver it stopped and rebooted automaticaly...also my pc's slots are cleaner than when it arrived..and i also forgot to mention i built it up from pieces

also, i changed the bios of the graphics card, forgot to mention that, because the factory bios was overclocking it almost to the limit...not such a good idea
Agreed. Here's the problem then. Revert back to original bios if possible.


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actually that's when the problems started:p so i had to change it...and after i put win 7 OS in it worked for the past 2 months, and i got got through all the nvidia driver updates untill this month's i had to install an older one...also if i go back to the factory bios again and test the video card the screen flashes and i get the blue screen

Yup, replace the video card.

that's what i thought :)

lol Can I have the card when you replace it? (j/k)

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