Windows 7 win 7 crashed


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I have installed Windows 7 beta and windows 7 RC1 and both have crashed within a week of installing them, I was unable to send in a report of both crash incidents because when I rebooted neither the beta or 7 RC would not boot up. though over the 5 days I was testing windows 7 RC it was updated seveeral time the last update may have crashed the system, I am not sure what caused the crash, it was a total crash.. I reinstalled Linux back on the system, to me windows 7 is not much different from Vista, It won't be worth the price of buying it, what ever the price is, Linux is more stable, faster and Free sorry to have to say this, but it is the truth I have never had a Linux BSoD systems crash in 2 years of using it

With Linux I don't need Anti Virus software which slows the system down some what,