Windows 7 win 7 disk drive wont recognise my game -help


64 bit

dvd game x3 terran conflict

i installed the game just fine initially, however i got the" you have to be administrator to run this game 1st time
i have seen the answer to that on here,


having un installed the game to try and solve the problem, the disk drive d will now not recognise the presence of the game disk , it seems like my win 7 has locked out this game .the disk drive is fine, the disk itself is fine

any ideas what I could do to install this game anybody

has this happened to anyone else ?


I cant believe that am I the only person who has this problem ??

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my windows 7 disk drive to see my dvd in the drive ?


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often a good habit to right click games icons and add the run as admin mode ticky box in compatibilty, saves a lot of hassles down the line. Not sure why the dvd drive would lock but maybe see if theres a proper removal tool on the games website support...sometimes they have them though to be honest the newest patch added a no-dvd feature anyway so doesnt need it in drive to run.

Try uninstalling the DVD driver and the reboot pc, should redetect dvd drive and hopefully fix the issue.

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