Win 7 DVD emulation Problem

My first post used to lurk here as anonymous for a month and i learned loads. Now a problem made me register anyhoo.

Thing is i know SPTD 1.58 wont work on win 7 so i will have to install SPTD 1.6 to get Daemon-Tools emulation software to work. The duplexsoftware site offers a 64bit and a 32bit edition for SPTD 1.60.
Problem is i am running Windows 7 RTM 64bit, now which SPTD 1.60 version should i install? 64bit or 32bit. I ask this question because d-tools i think only comes in 32bit flavor (though it doesnt say on their site its just a guess of mine).

So to run d-tools should i install sptd 1.6 64bit or 32bit on my 64bit Win 7 RTM.


Come on people please help... i cant access daemon tools forums right now i dunno maybe they are down or sth.

Try MagicISO instead, works like a charm ;-)


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Daemon deffinately DOES run on RTM 7600 provided you installed the sptd 1.60 BEFORE launching the Daemon for the version....always match your OS type (x86 or x64).

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