Win 7 erased drivers and cannot reinstall them


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I recently purchased a Gateway NV7921u and the first thing I did was install Win 7 Ultimate on it as this is what I have on my other PC's. For some reason, now the built-in webcam does not work, the multi-gesture touchpad only utilizes one finger, only half of the touch-sensitive keys work above the keyboard and, most importantly, I can ONLY get on the net WIRELESSLY. If I plug in an Ethernet cable and hardwire it I lose my connection entirely and it is driving me bonkers. Gateway says it is a driver issue so I click the link for say, the webcam driver or the WAN driver and download them (I also use a program called driver detective that does this for me), the driver(s) don't even show up anywhere! Help!!!!!:mad:


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Didn't use Vlite or one of those other removers did you? well vlite don't work with 7 100% anyways.
Sounds like bad install, maybe start over and integrate all the drivers into install dvd with dism


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Did you do an "upgrade" install or a "custom" - clean install?

Upgrade installs over existing Vista OS can cause many problems.

Did you install all the correct Windows 7 drivers for your computer and download them from the Gateway website?

Windows 7 does install a LOT of drivers automatically, but not all. So check on that first.


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It may be a bad install, but it is not necessary to integrate drivers to the install DVD.

Just download all the correct Windows 7 drivers for your Gateway and store them on a thumb drive or external hard drive.

If you did an "upgrade" install, those can cause a lot of problems, it would be best to do a clean or "custom" install.

After reinstalling Windows 7 be sure to install the correct drivers, usually the chipset drivers are first, followed by the video driver, LAN NIC drivers, etc.

Your computer manual may have a guide on which drivers to install first, also the Gateway website should have a guide on how to do a Windows 7 install.

Here's a link that may help you at the Gateway website: Gateway NV79 Series > Windows 7 (64-bit) > Motherboard Downloads


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When you say that you download the necessary drivers from Gateway's website but you can't find them -- are you referring to after installation or after download?

Is it possibly extracting the necessary files to a cab folder?


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(I also use a program called driver detective that does this for me), the driver(s) don't even show up anywhere!

If I'm not mistaken, Driver Detective stores the downloaded drivers in it's directory folder in: C drive/Programs(x86)/Driver Detective.


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Windows 7 can be tricky with drivers sometimes.
I would advise you check your manufacturers website for the latest driver updates.
They may also be delivered through Windows Update.
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