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Hey everyone...
A few days ago I decided to take the risk of installing Windows 7 on a crappy laptop (HP Pavilion DV1331se). I was surprised with how well it all went. Installation took about 30 mins, drivers all worked perfectly (I installed the XP drivers running them in compatibility mode with XP SP3). All went incredibly well. Its fast (even faster than XP, I must say, at least when it comes to booting).

Yesterday I installed Starcraft (old but awesome game). When I ran the game, I noticed the colors looked a little funky. My guess was the drivers were the wrong ones and I should use the Vista ones instead, but no luck, didn't fix the problem. I have tested a bunch of drivers and I am beginning to think there is no solution but I don't wanna lose hope. This is by far the best Windows I've ever used, wouldn't wanna have to get rid of it.

Here's a screenshot of how the game looks:

What surprises me is nothing else looks this bad, just games so... How can I fix this? Anyone had this problem?


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Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? I'd also try a Starcraft forum as other players may have info on how this game runs under win 7... Googling found this forum here:

StarCraft 2 forum

Hey kemical, thanks for replying.
I have tried running it in compatibility mode and it still doesnt work. I'll try posting this problem on a Starcraft forum like you said.
Thanks for your help!

Hey thanks again kemical for the help. Found a solution. The one you gave me seemed to work for a lot of people but for some reason it didn't for me so I kept looking and found this:

Open a new .txt document and paste in the following:

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
D:\"StarCra ft"\"StarCraft.exe"
start explorer.exe

the 2nd line needs to direct towards your SC Directory (so C\"Games\Starcr aft"\"StarCraft.exe" for a lot of you)

When you save the file, save it as a .bat file and use that to launch Starcraft. It will terminate explorer while SC is running, and when you close SC explorer automatically restarts.

That did it for me! I can now play starcraft, yey!

Thanks again!


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Great stuff!... Thankyou for updating your post as well...:)

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