Win 7 hibernate when installing programs


Im new to this forum and have just installed win 7 on my latop LG E300 to try it out.

Ive got a very annoying problem... when I run a installer the pc enters hibernate!?
This is my second install of win 7 and I hade the same problem in the first install.

What could cause this to happen?
When installing Nokia PC Suite it hibernated 4 times.... almost threw it out the window.

LG has no support for win7 as this is a vista machine. 50% of the vistadrivers wont work in win7..

/Markus, Sweden


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Do you need hibernation? If not disable it.

1. Open a Elevated Command Prompt. (Right click>>Run as administrator)

2. To Disable Hibernate -
A) In the elevated command prompt, type powercfg -h off and press Enter. (See screenshot below)

4. Close the elevated command prompt.

Thank you for the reply!

I would like to have hibernation, but if I got no choice Ill disable it to keep the computer working.

Did some more research a moment ago, was thinking bout heat issue causing hibernation as protection.
Installed speedfan and got a surprise!

hdd 53C
core1 51C
core2 52C

When using cpu (installing programs, watching video and so on) I get to 80C+ in just a few seconds in both cores.
Been as high as 90C when loading cpu at 100% for more than a few seconds.
That cant be normal? Even when the cpu is connected to a copper heatpipe? Or is it?

Ill try some arctic silver and see what that does. If it doesnt help Ill turn off hibernation.

Thank you for the help.


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Those are about normal temperatures, and it is also fairly normal to get such high readings when watching media.
I also don't think that it would go into hibernation, rather just crash, try the arctic silver and if that doesn't help, turn off hibernation, cheers! :)

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