win-7 host win-xp laptop trying to connect to home network

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by reformedman, May 15, 2012.

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    Hi this is my second thread and I appreciate the quick help I got from the first one.

    I have never been able to do it in the past with this xp laptop but I was hoping (since I got such great help in my first question), that you guys might be able to help me once again.

    I researched in youtube for a way to connect my son's xp laptop to my windows 7 home network, of which my 2 other laptops connect fine to. The people in youtube seem to do it just fine, but their instructions (in each of the videos that I've found), always skip a step or two or are not defined enough with explanation.

    My homegroup consists of the following:
    Windows 7 HomePremium desktop with Linksys WRT54G and cable-modem
    Brother MFC-295CN printer called "Broski"
    Windows 7 pro laptop called "Frank"
    Windows 7 homepremium laptop called "Josh"

    and the laptop I want to connect is Windows XP sp-2 laptop called "Jim"

    The only thing I want to tackle first is only to get my winxp laptop to be able to use Broski.

    I appreciate any help.
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