Win 7 insstall stop near the end of install

Hi..I recently reinstalled a version of Win 7 64bit..It was working but was having some problems with programs when I try reinstalling I get a point where Windows is wrapping up the install then quits because of a conflict, but it won't say what the conflict is..after fighting with it all evening I finally rolled back to win xp and ran upgrade advisor and found a problem with my motherboards lan card not being compatable..any thoughts on how to make win7 install so I can just install manfacturer drivers?

Microsoft Win Xp PRo SP2
AMD PhenomX2 555
8GB Ram but Xp only sees 3.25

Non Comp device
Realtek PCIe GBE family Controller
(Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

We don't have compatibility information about this device.


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Upgrading from XP has to be a clean install, unless they have changed something recently...I assume your "Rolled Back" comment refers to an upgrade install...

Otherwise, you might try disabling the device prior to the install or uninstalling it so the install will not try to use the older drivers. Maybe even disable it in the bios.

No roll back means I migrated backward to Win Xp out of frustration.. I have done a clean install numerous times "I fought with this thing all evening" I disabled the device in BIOS before installing.


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Windows 7 allows for adding additional drivers during the install. I do not know if it will allow for a Network Adapter driver, but you might put one on a flash drive and try.

What is the reason the Network adapter does not have a driver..older device? Can you tell from XP what model the adapter is by looking in device manager?

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My board is fairly new and it says WIN7 compatible on the box.. I will try the flash drive driver and see if that works...thank you!!


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If the board is new, there should not be a problem with a network adapter. Realtek LAN adapters are widely used.

Are you allowing Windows do get updates during the install? Maybe it could find one.

I have done installs where the LAN will not work until I load a driver after the install using the motherboard CD, but they don't normally stop installs.

hmmmm.. well that is the only item on the list that show it is not compatible..not sure what is going on because the installer does not give details

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