Win 7 Installation - Any ideas?

Hi - I am having a problem upgrading from Windows XP Pro SP3 to Windows 7 Professional. I purchased Win 7, and received the box and installation discs from the manufacturer. I used the Windows Easy Transfer tool to make a .MIG file that backs up all of my information, and then attempted to do a clean install. The install would go Okay until I would get an error message 0x8007045D, and the installation would stop. Searching by that error message I have found that this error message usually refers to bad media and they tell you to reburn the .iso at a slower speed. My installation disc is from Microsoft though, and I did not burn it. I thought it might be a HD issue, so I swapped in a 1 TB HD that I had been using for data, and tried to do a clean install there. This time, I would get to the installation screen, and I would get an error that no device drivers could be found. The Mobo is an Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P. I downloaded the Win 7 driver for that Mobo, put it on a flash drive, and tried to browse for it, but I then get the error message that no compatible device drivers could be found. My question is this. Do I have a defective installation disc, or am I doing something wrong during installation? Anyone have an ideas on how to move forward?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Did you run the upgrade advison on your system?

Do you have any programs that create virtual drives?

Do you have any external devices plugged in?

"Install went OK" to what point? You are not booting from the DVD during every reboot are you? It only boots from the DVD the first time.

Are you running a RAID or have it turned on in the bios?

I ran upgrade advisor, and it said I was good to go.

I have no programs that create virtual drives, but I did test Windows 7 in May by install on .VHD partition. In July, I deleted that partition after deciding to do a full wipe and clean install.

The machine is currently not bootable. There is no OS installed.

There are no external devices other than mouse and keyboard plugged in.


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It won't even boot to the DVD? Do you have that set to boot first in the bios?

There have been several folks with the Update driver type message. I personally have not seen a definite resolution to the problem.

Where did you put the .mig file?

I believe the bios should be in charge of operations until Windows 7 takes over, so possibly something in the bios is not set up correctly, such as boot priority. You might go through and check you settings and make the setting of using a PnP OS set to no.

You have done at least a cold boot during part of this process?

I misunderstood. I can boot to the DVD, and I can get into the BIOS. All problems occur during the OS installation attempt.

I placed the .MIG file on an external hard drive, and that drive is unplugged (and being guarded with my life :p)

Yes, I have started the process from cold boot.

Okay - so pulled the spare 1 TB HD because it may be defective (Seagate 7200.11 -there was a reason it was not in use - just could not remember what it was)

Re-installed the original HD. The original HD has two partitions. One is a 150 GB System partition, and one is a 490 GB primary partition that was being used for data storage.

Reformatted system partition, and tried new install.

Installation begins normally and progresses to the "Expanding Windows Files" stage. Then, consistently, at 24% expanded I receive an error that says,

"Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error Code: 0x8007045D"

This leads me to believe that I have a defective disc. Anyone else have an opinion?

Thanks again for any help.


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If we assume it might be a bad DVD:

Do you have another DVD drive you could try?
Do you have access to another copy of the same version of Win 7?
Did you try the x64 version to see if it would install, if you can run x64?

If not, do you have the capability to copy the files from the DVD to another location? If the media is bad, you probably cannot copy the files, but there is a small possibility they might be usable. If they were, you might be able to install from within an OS or make you own bootable DVD.

If not, I will assume you will ask Microsoft to replace the DVD and/or allow you to download an .iso you could burn.

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Thanks for the help. Decided to run to the store and buy a new Western Digital HD. Win 7 installed flawlessly, and is now up and running. I also have full access to my .MIG file. Apparently, I had two bad Seagate hard drives.

Thanks for taking the time to help.


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I think I would download a drive wipe utility, the really good wipe kind that would take everything off your old drives. Maybe there is something left on them causing problems. It would not cost anything and it might get the drives to work again. Linux has a bootable version and I think I remember one called Disk Kill.

I always disconnect the other drives and boot to the DVD so I won't confuse which drive I am looking at. Of course once the drive is wiped, you might need special tools to make it take partitions again. I usually go back to fdisk with the use DVD option, which seems to work for some reason. But whatever works.

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