Win 7 Laptop freezing randomly...

I have a 3 years old ASUS F50VL laptop and it has stared to freeze randomly, like everything just stops. Sometimes when I let it hang on freeze for about an 20 seconds, the screen goes wierd, like graphics card is gone or something... I've noticed that the HDD LED stops blinking aswell... maybe the HDD could be the problem?

But I don't know how to monitore it. I can see when it has happened, but not why...



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Could be any of seceral problems. But in a laptop, my first thought would be overheating. have you maintained the laptop by cleaning the body vents, etc? If you see they are reasonably clean, then you may need to remove the bottom cover(s) and manually clean out the fan(s) and cooling tubes. If their is a fan on the graphics chip, give that a little priority also.

I also thought at that about 2 weeks ago, so I completely dissassembled it and even put new thermal paste on it. the fan is also very clean. the temp is around 65 degrees celcius. but I think it's quite normal for a laptop. so the problem can't be overheating... At least I think so...

Freezes are extremely difficult to fix because they don't generate error logs so you have to check.....everything!
1. If your hardware is overclocked, reset to standard values
2. You have malware bytes installed, make sure it is updated and run a full scan
3. Install hardware monitor from CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting, extract the files and double click to run (no installation). Post a screen shot but you can look yourself for temperatures above 60C or voltages that are more than 1% below the expected value (for example less than 11.9 on a 12v rail)
4. Install CPU-z from CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting. Check that everything is recognized as it should (speed of your CPU, make and model of Graphics card and motherboard, RAM size..........)
5. Test your RAM. Guide to using Memtest86+ - Geeks to Go Forums is a tutorial for using memtest with link to the download.

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