Windows 7 Win 7 Networking problem solved at least for me!


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May 25, 2009
Ada Michigan

I don't know how many people this will apply to but I have finally fixed my connection problem after a week of messing with this.

This problem seemed to be solved several times so I have my fingers crossed but this is what I found.

There is an application called "Bonjour Services" that is installed along with latter versions of Adobe and I-Tunes software.
I run all the Adobe stuff and I-Tunes. This application has something to do with networking.

When I uninstalled "Bonjour Services" from my computer my connection problems disappeared.
My computer boots up and connects almost instantly.

It has worked for more then a day now so I'm hopeful that this is really the solution at least for me and other people who have this software installed.

Just to clarify, Bonjour Service is the protocol Apple uses to detect when you plug your iPod (and some other stuff like printers and cameras) into your USB. Considering that Windows will spot iPods with or without the service running it is nothing but a waste of resources, even more so if you don't actually have an iPod in which case it just uses a few meg of memory waiting for something that will never happen.

iTunes installs about half a dozen of these pointless services that run on start up for no reason which can be stopped.
I assume if it is not in the Programs & Features list that it is not installed. Is that correct??
It is not listed under Services either, so I don't think it is installed.

I don't have Itunes but do have Adobe Acrobat etal,


At least in my case it did show in the Programs and features list.
I used uninstall, and then deleted the folder followed by running my registry cleaner to get rid of left over entries.

I'm happy to report that my computer is still running fine and connecting after several days.

Check out this link....

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Ah....actually Bonjour is even more useless than I remembered it being. I kind of misremembered it's function, it actually allows other PCs on your network to connect to your iPod (or printer or whatever installed the service) without having to set it up on the network.
OK according to that link it doesn't exist on my computer.

I did fix the problem by installing EVERYONE on my user list and configuring EFFECTIVE PERMISSIONS for EVERYONE to be full for EACH drive on the system.

Do u get the message? PITA, REAL PITA

I wish I knew what I may have done to cause that because I have never had to do that with previous builds of W7.
That was only on one W7 system. My other two W7 installs talked to each other but not to the DT system.
Of course the XP couldn't talk to any of them. I haven't looked at XP to the two that can communicate. But XP can now talk to the DT.

But from the screens it looks like MS has been mucking around in there from build to build.
Which is why it may have changed all by itself.
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