Win 7 only boots in Safe Mode!!

I have been attempting to uninstall Avast 5 from my PC and Avast recommends doing this from Win 7 Safe Mode!

I went into Safe Mode and it will not accept my password (I know it is correct!) and then restarts back into Safe Mode asking me for my password again. If I am slow in entering the password the PC restarts, back into, yes you guessed it - Safe Mode.

I have tried using my Windows 7 Repair Disk but it tells me that there is no problem with my system, and then proceeds to boot back into Safe Mode. I have tried to restore (using the Repair Disk) to an earlier time using System Restore but am informed that there are no restore points recorded!! I know there are - I put them there.

Any ideas how I can get my system to boot into normal Windows 7?

The system was new from Dell about a month ago and Win 7 was the original OS.

When you go to safe mode, the account is actually different than the one you normally use in most cases. It's known as the Administrator account.

Depending if it was poorly setup or not, you may be able to get into safe mode by simply hitting enter for the password.

You may also try continuously tapping f8 at system power on to get the choice of boot options. Try choosing the one that says last known good configuration or last settings that worked (or similar, I actually forget right now how it's actually worded off the top of my head.)

Hi TorrentG, and thanks for such a fast response.
Fortunately I use Acronis True Image so was able to recover my system partition. Sounds drastic but it worked, and I now know that I can count on Acronis!

From the above posting:

Change restart settings in safe mode. If your computer is stuck in a loop where Windows fails, attempts to restart, and then fails again repeatedly, restart your computer in safe mode and select the Disable automatic restart on system failure checkbox. For more information, see Advanced startup options (including safe mode).

Unfortunately the computer was stuck in a loop in attempting to go into safe mode!!!

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