Win 7 Pro Libraries will display only as -ms files

I made a grave mistake and used a System Tweaker to clear up some registry issues. Now, my Library Folders do not appear in Explorer or on my Start Menu. The libraries physically exist on the disk, but the Icons and Folders will not appear in the right sidbar of explorer. Yes, I have deleted all the folder and had Win & rebuild the Libraries, same results - I get a list of files ending in -ms. Tried Microsoft's FixIt, no change.

Any suggections before I format c:\


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Do you know what system tweaker did, any log? What did it say or what did you ask it to do?

Do you have a library folder Explorer you can right click and select "restore default libraries"?

If you haven't rebooted, you might be able to use the F8 key and choose restore last known good, which will replace the registry with an earlier version.

Or I suppose you could try restoring your system to a time earlier than the tweaker was applied.

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The Tweaker didn't leave a log, just remove invalid entries. Everything else works, I even load faster and my programs now "pop" as they used to. I really don't want to restore because that causes more problems than it should. I was thinking that there was a registry entry or some program that would restore the ability of Explorer to view the folders. Using the "restore default folders" option only reveals the files. It appears to be an icon / shortcut error. Like I said, the MS Fix It didn't work.

BTW Sysinfo: AMD FX965 Black Edition CPU, 8 GB DDR2 1333 RAM, 3 X 500GB HD (AHCI), 27" Samsung Monitor 27HD, eVge GeForce 8600 GTS VC (256 MB), Corsair 750 PS, GearHead 24x DVD Burner, Sony BD101 BluRay Player, MS Wireless Laser 4000 Desktop, SoundBlaster X-FI SC, InterMEDIA TV Tuner PCI.


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OK, not sure what else to recommend. Just remember the libraries are locations and not actual folders.


There was a situation where the library folders would not show up, but you could not seem them in the Library folder either. Some anti-virus program had hidden them.

Maybe it would be good for you to attach a picture of the problem using the snipping tool and attach using the paperclip on the advanced replies.

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