Win 7 pro Live Email error messages on start up


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Starting Windows Live Mail I get error messages (for the last 3-4 months):

"We noticed some unusual activity in your account. ... we temporarily blocked your account." Pressing [OK} -->

next message:

"Your account has been temporarily blocked..

Why are you seeing this?

Someone may have used your account to send out lot of junk messages or (violate Win Live terms of Service)

What you need to do?

We'll send a verification code to your mobile phone. All you need is a phone that can receive text messages. After you enter the code, you can sign in.

Skip this for now (parts of Windows Live may be disabled)"

So... Can you imagine I am such a dinosaur, I have NO textable mobile phone (or I don't want any). So where do we go for now because I need a fully operational e-mail.

Thank your for your interest and I am awaiting your suggestions.

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I am puzzled that no reply appeared yet. But I realized that this problem is connected with:
On a cruiseship in Dec 2011 I established a hotmail account (only available) to send and receive e-mails from family. It was attacked by hacker(s) . It was found that many ugly e-mails were sent to recipients in my "Contacts List". Since that time I am receiving error messages (apparently correctly) at the time of starting Windows (7 pro) Live Mail. I can still receive and send e-mails but some other functions are curtailed. Those messages are also a nuisance and require several "x" outs start the e-mail page.
I would like to totally erase that hotmail account but instructions on the Internet are not clear, for ex. how would that effect my regular Live Mail, will it erase the content of the Inbox, Sent Items etc folders as well as the Contact List , Calendar, Feeds etc.
Pls advise, I need step by step instructions. Thank you.

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