Win 7 Pro with Foreign Language Programs


I understand that Ultimate is required to switch between different languages for the operating system language. However, does this mean that other versions of 7 do not support foreign language programs?

I tried using a Chinese language program that worked perfectly fine in windows xp professional, only to find that the characters were not recognized in windows 7 professional. I can enter Chinese text and view Chinese text in documents/web pages, but any program based Chinese text is lost.

If this is the case I am rather upset because I purchased Pro with a student licence. So to get Ultimate I need to totally scratch the first copy and get a totally new Ultimate. (Anytime upgrade doesn't adjust for student pricing). Doesn't Microsoft want to encourage American students to be multilingual?

Thanks for any help!

Have same problem

I've been dealing with the same problem too. The program works fine with XP but unreadable with W7. I have W7 ultimate
Someone- please help us!

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The language installed is simplified chinese with the chinese keyboard. I have also set the non-unicode to simplified also but the problem still exists

Problem Solved

Just to let everyone know, I have found a solution to my problem. Make sure the non-unicode language is set to your desired language! All the offending programs after they were reinstalled works as designed now! Hope this helps someone else!!

Thanks for the input. Has anyone determined if this is possible with Professional?

I need to know if I should upgrade. I don't want to waste the 80 bucks for an upgrade to Ultimate if I could just do it with Professional.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks Maoman,

This fix also worked for Professional. Make sure your non-unicode is set to the language of choice. Thanks! saved me 80 bucks and a headache.

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