Win 7 program fix needing help please

Hi all, I have a problem not being able to see things in all my programs with in win7 for instance filling in the blank boxes on this site to register was real hard I cannot hardly see the little boxes to fill in let alone read what they are asking for. I also use Corel Draw and I cannot hardly see my tool bar tools on the top. When I use Paypal and print and ship labels I cannot see the boxes and where to place my curser so I can type in it. Everything is a bit hard. I went into personalize and back ground color and advanced settings and tried changing things inside there and that don't help for the boxes inside the programs changing themes in areo does not help either I am at a lose can someone please chime in for a fix please. Thank you soo much for some help on this! Even just trying to post this and to find the title box to place my cursor is almost impossible. :sosad:


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If this is happening in a browser window, like IE, you can go to the page drop down list and adjust text size and other things.

On the desktop, try going to personalize then display and adjust text size there possibly.

There is an ease of use panel that might be helpful on the Control Panel.

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