win 7 rc x64 wont detect 4 gb ram


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Make sure that the RAM is functional first (Meaning that it works).

Have you updated Windows?

Have you cleared cmos & load defaults in BIOS?

Check BIOS for to see if that recognizes it.
Look up the mobo manual for any memory config issues.


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Try to boot with one stick of RAM first, then only try all. Perhaps RAM is not functioning well. If it gives you the reading of 4GB previously in XP or Vista(x64), it should be the same in Windows 7.


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My Win7 7201 sees and uses all my 8 Gbs of Ram alright, as well as my Vista x 64 does. As it has been suggested, you should check if your bios detects your total amount of Ram, watch at the very start for POST to detect and show the number of the total amount of Ram installed. Then see if xp x64 or vista x64 detects it alright.

In other forums I have come across users reporting the same issue. So, I don't know really, could this be dependent on one's hardware or one's 7 build ? :confused: