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I have a Win 7 desktop with many installed programs as well as much data, but the operating system is acting in such a way that I want to reinstall it, I have the installation disk as well. My question is, how do I go about removing the old O/S & do a clean reinstall. Can I use the Win 7 Backup & Restore program or is there a better way? I know about backing up files but how about the installed programs which I would like to preserve?
I appreciate any help I can get with this.

Steps/procedure is quite straight-forward.

If your data is on the same drive as the OS, save that data & it will be put back after the rebuild. The drive gets formatted as part of & just before the OS gets (newly) installed. All programs & software must be re-installed. When the OS disc is inserted, Select "Custom Install". I can & would supply more depth & breadth of details & info IF necessary.


Is this a custom built PC or a retail purchase? If a retail purchase what brand, make and model is it?

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If you do a clean install your programs will be gone. It's important to know as much as possible about your PC and if you have an actual install disk. and not just a set of disks to restore the factory setup. You may possibly be able to do a repair install.


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Did you make any backup images? If you have one prior to the time the system starting going bad, you might be able to reimage. But anything on the drive that was not part of the image will be removed, as mentioned.

I always like to make a backup image after a clean install and just after setting the system up and activating. Then I can always get back to an original install. You do have to rename the Backup folder so another backup will not overwrite it.

It is a custom machine and of course I have the Win7 DVD. I already suspected what your answers would be and I will do backup and clean install. Thanks to all that responded, Bob

You're welcome, Bob.


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