Win 7 restarting every time I stream videos


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Hi, I want to know why my computer keeps restarting every time I'm streaming videos, whether I'm watching them in full screen or not, it always resets. It only does this while streaming.

I've tried getting my power backed up and reinstalled my video drivers. I didn't have flash before and now I do but that doesn't seem to solve it either. I've read many solutions online but none really seems to fit the bill. What can I do now? I'm able to play games such as the sims 2 for long periods of time (8 hr+) but I can't even watch a video for 15 minutes?! This happens to all browsers that I use, firefox, opera, google...


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Is there anything in the Event Viewer that help lead to the cause of the problem? Make note of the time the problem occurs, then check the Viewer for Errors or Warnings that seem to be consistent. (Winkey+R, eventvwr.msc)

The Kernel Power one is probably just the result of and not the cause.

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