Win 7 shortcuts / interaction problem

Hi there,

I have Win 7 Home Edition and on my former OS (Win XP Prof.) I had several shortcuts linking to some batch files. So after new installation of Win 7 it copied the shortcuts back on the desktop of Win 7. These shortcuts are working fine so far .... BUT .... now here it comes: I am also working with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007.

So while I am doing nothing the shortcuts are working fine. When I am starting (e.g.) MS Powerpoint to work on a presentation the shortcuts still work fine. But when I start the powerpoint presentation to present on the screen suddenly the shortcuts do not work anymore. All of them ! Another Example: MS Word (out of the a.m. Office Suite). Once I have startet MS Word to be ready to type a letter the short cuts won't function anymore. After closing MS Office the shortcuts start working fine again !

Does anybody know this problem ? Any help is really appreciated !



Noob Whisperer
Without knowing what the actual batch file contains that the shortcuts are pointing to, it's difficult to say. Are the batch files intended to interact with the Microsoft office applications like some type of external macro or do they map network drives, or network printers to be used with the office products. When you say "the shortcuts won't function anymore" that doesn't tell us much. Do they produce an error, do you see a command window open and close, can you go directly to the batch file and double click and avoid the shortcuts, does that work? Not sure what simply opening word or powerpoint would have to do with external unrelated batch file execution. So if you could perhaps shed some light on exactly what these batch files do maybe someone would be able to help. If they are somehow tied to an office product like word, perhaps you might check the security settings under tools -> macros -> security.

There is a video beamer connected to the PC. The batch files are running the main controls of the beamer, example: ctrl+alt+E turns the device on .....ctrl+alt+f freezes the beamer screen ...and so on.

They don't produce any error, no command window opens ---- just nothing happens at all.

When I double click the files they do work. So those shortcuts are not tied to an office product, but still the security settings might be an idea ... thanks for this one.

But still any other ideas are highly appreciated.


Noob Whisperer
Since you are using "Shortcut Key Combinations" you will have to make sure that any running applications do not have focus, in other words try minimizing those applications since the shortcut key combinations actually are also viable key combos in word and actually produce results, then word is actually producing the results of the key combo like ctrl+alt+f takes you to the footer in word and the other produces some type of special E like character in the document. I suspect that, that may also be the case with power point. Try minimizing before using the key combo and see if that works.

Hi Trouble,

thanks for your ideas, but it didn't work .... minimizing wouldn't work since we need to interact with the beamer WHILE a powerpoint presentation is running .... and if you are in the working mode of powerpoint the shortcut ctrl+alt+E (e.g.) does not refer to any individual powerpoint short cut .... the problem really only happens while the presentation takes place. The same with word .... using those shortcuts within the word program does not start any action.

Any other ideas ?

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