Win 7 shows much lower Wireless N speed than XP

On my home network I have 4 computers (2-wired, 2-wireless N) thru a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH. Both wireless adapters (pcmcia card in laptop, PCI card in desktop) are Ralink RT2860 based.

The laptop sits about 15 feet from the router. The desktop is in a front upstairs bedroom (about 30 feet distance, 2 walls and a floor). Both dual boot XP Home and Win 7 Home premium (32 bit versions).

Under XP the wireless speed shows as 270/mbps on both, in Win 7 both show as 54.
Doesn't matter whether I choose 20 or 40Mhz, change channels, etc. Both have the latest drivers, have tweaked adapter settings as well.

Does Win 7 use something different than XP to gauge the speed?



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Don't really know if Win7 is using a different type of process to sample the speed, but I was wondering if you are running the latest firmware on the router version 1.65 from October 2009 located here Buffalo Technology - Support - Downloads

Yeah have been running 1.65 since it was released. Supposedly 1.7 is due out soon, already out in Japan from what I read on Buffalo's forum.


Found what the issue was. The security had to be changed from TKIP to AES. Once I did that speed went up to 270mb/s.


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