win 7 shutdown?

I have a problem with win 7 completely sguting down all by itself. it seems like it does only once per day? Usually avout an hour after first start up and when i recover it says that there was a problem with Zinio reader, since it only does one time per day i have had a hard time figuring out the problem. I updated all my zinio files but it does not make any difference, I also thghut maybe it was a power supply problem, hoevere after shutting down once it does not happen again until the next day when i turn on th machine? anyone have similar problems or an idea as to what is wrong? Thanks for any feedback>

Try backing up and re-installing Windows 7.

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I bought a new HP with W7. I am stunned by the many warnings and errors that are in the event logs. I didn't look there before since it's a new machine and today it restarted on its own. I suspected HP's support cr.p but the event logs said that I initiated the shutdown. Bull. I didn't do anything of the sort, I just received an alert that said it will restart in 1 minute.

I also found that I could not access some of my folders after I removed my specific name from the security list. Left only Administrators and SYSTEM with full control. I am the administrator. So, I checked my account type and found it was changed to Standard User. Setting it back to Administrator is just ignored.

What is going on here?

if you have the 7 disc do a will keep your files. Be aware it will require reactivation

the jinx new 7 permissions are oddly twisted. However, take ownership of a folder first then make sure you are in full-control - this should cure the problem. In 7 the admin no longer is top level - the system is, so be aware even as admin you have to watch your permissions and set them right on folder level!

Bit of steep learning ahead but it's manageable :)

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Win 7 shutdown

Thanks for the response.

I noticed that the advice that shows up here and there on this forum is to reinstall Windows 7. Is that right or is it just a boiler plate answer hoping it will fix most ailments? It just sounds so extreme.

I don't have the original disc, it is an OEM installed installation bought from Fry's Electronics.

My trust in Microsoft's products eroded over time and Vista struck a huge blow to what was left of it. I had, however, high hopes for W7. This is not good and I assume I am not singing alone in this choir.

The W7 repair install (if disk avail.) indeed is very powerful and does not touch your files - much better than XP (useless) and Vista .

Have a look into your performance log - W7 list there bad behaving/slow drivers. it usually gives a clue what is going on. This log is burried in the Action Center/view performance information/advanced tools/view performance details in event log. Update drivers as required then clear the log and watch what's next :)

Last not least have all W7 drivers up to date same for all hardware drivers/bios update

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