Win 7 Suddenly real slow

Hello People!
I am not sure how to describe the problem, so i am not even sure how to search around if this would be a common happening.

From a day to the other, the computer turned extremely slow. CPU usage is really little even down to 2/3%, hard disk is not doing anything. Obviously no AV scanning or any other thing keeping the computer busy. Basically, it is not slow once working, but it is extremely slow in responding to a command or launching an app.
I right now launched Microsoft Live Mail and it took about 20 seconds to respond. Once started though, it opens correctly. The same goes for anything i try to launch.

task manager does not show me anything conclusive... of course there are a bunch of processes i have no idea what they are, but in general the computer seems to have a lot of free resources. I just noticed that the RAM is behaving strange. It remains busy at 45% (4GB) constantly. No matter what i am doing, or if the computer is idle.

I run Advanced System Care which found the usual dirt to clean up, but did not help. MS AV with full scan found malware and a trojan which have been eliminated, but nothing improved.

PC has been rebooted a few times but nothing... The only thing which i changed a little before this started to happen was to upgrade the video driver.

I am attaching the Advanced System Care system report which includes details on my hardware. Any ideas??? I really don't know what to do about this. Thank you! View attachment ASCDiagnoseReport.txt

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