Win 7 taskbar search doesn't show results from 2nd partition

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    I've searched for related issues, but haven't seen anything quite the same. I have a 2nd partition where I keep all my music, pics, etc., but the taskbar search in the start menu doesn't return them as search results until I click "see more results," in which they then appear immediately. I have the folders checked in the indexing options & have tried rebuilding the index & making sure the indexing has completed. Strangely though, on another account it works fine from the taskbar. Anyone have any ideas? Some have mentioned selecting selecting "search entire index" in the taskbar customization, but this option isn't there. Btw, I'm using Win 7 from my MSDNAA, which I guess is the RTM.

    I should probably clarify that I moved all the standard windows folders in my home folder (documents, musics, etc.) to this new partition by right-clicking on the folder & changing the path in the locations tab. I've changed all the index locations & rebuilt since.
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