Win 7 Update or Download Fails

I'm sure that this forum is prolly tired of hearing about this crap but.. sigh.....
2 days of searching google, its various articles, forums, sites.. but none of them apply.

Issue: Error Code 800B0100 when trying to install Windows Update KB2556532.

I've got no idea what to do at this point, even downloading this "tool" the help file suggests
doesn't fix anything, I couldn't download it at first, it froze 3 other computers in the process
an somehow I eventually got it but as I launched it I soon learned it'd freeze at the
last 5-25% of the progress bar aka "HANGS" the whole system.

Along my journey I learned that any virus scanners & firewalls HAD to be disabled to have any
hope of getting this far, but now.. it's just at 'that" point.

Win 7 64 bit home prem. (not my idea to get this os, i hate it thus far) sp1 with seemingly
every update but this ONE.

I don't have a windows disc for this, its got that stupid "windows disc saved to a partition"
crap that I hate as I'm sure many others do too.

Zone Alarm & Avast but those get disabled so I don't think thats going to matter to ya'll.

I can't think of anything else that'd get in the way, oh an the "trustedinstaller" thingy is
enabled an running so.. ya.

Hope someone else can solve this, it's a brand new laptop, never "upgraded from any
previous windows-whatever".

*An please.. read what I wrote, don't skim my post an ask me for the same data I provided
or ask me for pointless info like my pc temps.. you don't need a whole "read out".

[*the above was written based off previous experiences]


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Well, you probably already know what the error means:

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Where did you get the download, through automatic updates? The system checks the downloaded file to make sure they are signed, possibly yours was not.

The fact the System Update Readiness Tool will not complete means you system has some problems. Possibly the reason an update is not working.

Some updates may take a while since they may have to wait on an earlier version.

You might try downloading the update directly from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

You probably also realize I will ask for part of your WindowsUpdate.log. You may have to copy it to the desktop, but use cut and paste to copy the last 3 or 4 days of the log (bottom) and paste into a text file which you can zip and attach using the paperclip.

The WindowsUpdate.log, is of course in the Windows folder.

2shared - download

I'll go with this for the time being, it's the entire log as available. It's 1mb an I don't wanna be told I left something out.

I got the download from MS itself, thru the update feature normally used an then directly from MS as a stand alone file.

So unless MS has stopped signing their own junk, I doubt it wasn't signed. Thanks for your time thus far btw.


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This is a link that will hopefully help with your problem. Since you ran the Update Readiness Tool and it did not complete, which might mean something by itself, you can go to the bottom of the page and check the fix it yourself section.

Error code 0x800B0100 when using Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates

It looks like other updates are installing, so not really sure why this one is having a problem, but I will check more tomorrow.


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I have done some more checking. The log shows a WER report being generated. You might check the Action Center to see if you can find it and see if it gives any more info.

If you right click a failed install in Windows Update, it will give you information about the failure.

Earlier you downloaded a Hotfix for a Chkdsk situation. Any comments on what happened there?

The following are messages from the log. Mine shows 2 bundled updates, yours shows only 1. This can happen normally and not be a problem, but both my Pro and Ultimate Windows7, show the 2 bundled updates. I also have not allowed IE9 to install. Maybe showing only one bundled update is the cause of the last message, maybe not.

* Title = Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2556532)
* UpdateId = {C5171A07-B024-44B4-B74A-A2EC2EEC177C}.102
* Bundles 2 updates:
* {00199456-1EEA-4447-B7AA-CB719D995BE9}.102
* {53C90A7F-1576-4D50-8841-F82DFF49F080}.102

* Title = Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2556532)
* UpdateId = {C5171A07-B024-44B4-B74A-A2EC2EEC177C}.102
* Bundles 1 updates:
* {53C90A7F-1576-4D50-8841-F82DFF49F080}.102

FATAL: UH: 0x800b0100: CreatePackage failed in CCbs::CreatePackage
FATAL: UH: 0x800b0100: StartInstallPackage failed in CUHCbsHandler::InstallOrUninstallUpdate
You also might want to try running the following command from an Administrative Command Prompt to check your system files.

sfc /scannow

Let it finish and make note if it says it cannot repair some files.

If that doesn't work, you might think about renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder in the Windows directory. If you do this, it will take some time for the Update process to catch up.

Keep checking your log by searching from the bottom up looking for KB2556532 to see if you get a install succeeded message.

Edit: It appears from the log, that KB2556532 called for the install of KB2639417 which has the same description as the original. It does not say the second KB replaces the first, but I have not noticed this type of activity before..possibly because I just did not see it in other logs. So again, make sure the problem did not disappear after the second KB was installed on 12/26.

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sfc is running atm, I had to figure out why certain methods of enabling "admin mode" wouldn't be recognized.
In the end I had to right click it as all else fails. I'll report on what it does later.

I wouldn't worry about the other updates, I always update with whatever they've got listed.
Except in instances like xp with that new search & that power thingy but that has nothing to do with this right now.
I've tried seeking help thru windows own apparent means of aid, thats how I ran into that tool that has the update
but doesn't work an also takes forever to download from anywhere including MS (nvm the fact I can download just
fine doing anything else).

I'm going to point out again I do NOT have a windows disc, its built into some bs partition, I feel a re-install would
just lead me right back here (partition installs tend to continue introducing bundled crap for those who don't know
this yet, vs a true clean install).

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