Win 7 Upgrade from Vista- Question re SP1


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Can I upgrade from Vista to Win 7 without installing Vista SP1 first? Whn I ran Win 7 Upgrade Advisor it said I needed to install Vista SP1 first. Problem is that I had to uninstall Vista SP1 after I installed it to begin with when it first came out because it caused a myriad of problems which never existed prior to my installing it. After I removed it wth the help of a $49 call to MS and multiple conversations with Dell support. I have had no issues. I am now worried. I want to upgrade to Win 7 but, given my past problems, am not sure its worth it if I have to have SP1. I am ruling out a clean install of Win 7.- Too much work to reinstall all the programs and customize them as they currently are. I will stay with Vista first. Win 7 Upgrade Advisor indicated no other serious issues with upgrading. A very knowledgeable techie friend told me that my problemwith the Vista SP1 install might have been caused by Norton. Any chance that he was right? I would sacrifice Norton 360 to have Win 7.

Thanks in advance for helping me resolve this dilemma.:confused:
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Where the problems with sp1 bad enough that you couldn't install it and then have the system working well enough to do the upgrade?

My personal opinion of norton is that it is bloated and slows your system down, there are much better programs out there and even free ones.