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I create my own website. I had XP and Explorer 8. My website pages looked fine - all aligned.

I just got win 7 and Exp 8. Suddenly sections of text on some of my web pages are off centre - when viewing on line. My new laptop has same screen size so that can't be it. Most of the pages are OK, some not.
I don't know what this means? Does everyone with Win 7 see my pages like this? What do I do? If I adjust the page layout to suit my new view - it will then presumably be different on my old laptop with XP and I guess for anyone viewing with XP. :eek:

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You can test the webpage in XP virtual machine.


XP Mode

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Thanks for the advice. Sorry but I need a bit further explanations of where I can find such a thing?? XP virtual machine? I tried 'search' in win 7, but nothing.


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Send me a link via PM to your website so I can have a look see.

just post your link here


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Thanks but I want to know how to do it for myself.

Thing is what you see is not necessarily what others face - you have to confirm that first!


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Ok Thanks I will go and lookm at my site on other friends computers.


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You may also consider installing a second or third browser on your PC and examine how your website looks in the different browser.
Google Chrome

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